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The Turkaly Family Art Trust was formed in 2016 to oversee the vast number of works in Joseph's private collection. It is governed by his six sons with its mission is to preserve, protect, and promote his art. In addition to sculptures, the Trust has all of his sketches and maquettes he used as studies, as wells as his molds used in casting.  It is responsible for posthumous casting of his work in bronze, adhering to the  strict edition sizes determined by the artist. It uses the same Cleveland foundry he has used for most of the time he lived there. 

The Trust also actively promotes his work through exhibitions and publications. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth, the Trust is publishing a monograph on his life and work; Joseph Turkaly the Life of a Sculptor, in 2024. Portion of the proceeds of any acquisition goes toward the Trust's mission to further the legacy of Joseph Turkaly.

Thomas Turkaly


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